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The strategic decision of MATRIX S.A. Broker at Lloyd’s that has led to the creation of MATRIX Marine, was based on the Group’s new growth and diversification model, part of which includes extending business into various classes of insurance and combined with an experienced and successful team of marine brokers, generated the perfect synergy and opportunity for creating a winning operation in the Hull & Machinery market.


With access to Lloyd’s and International markets, MATRIX Marine Brokers aim is to provide a comprehensive high quality Hull & Machinery insurance protection placement, through a highly experienced management team, with exceptional market knowledge, first class service and tailor made solutions.

MATRIX Marine Brokers are determined to negotiate the best terms and levels of cover at competitive rates, offer you a first class claims service and closely monitor the development of your business, in order to ensure that your risks and insurance needs are constantly met.


Our customers remain the centre of our business and we strive to become their secure and stable partner by offering them the best advice and support wherever they are around the world.

We firmly believe that the service we provide to our client base - from large fleets to smaller operations - will help define our mutual future success.


Matrix Marine Brokers is staffed by a team of experienced London market Μarine professionals who have many years operating in both the wholesale and retail business sectors.

The Μarine brokerage will be headed by Dan Plummer and Stuart Lilley, who combined have an extensive knowledge and expertise in both International Shipping and worldwide Insurance Markets.

The team also boasts a first class claims service under the control of Matthew Ward, who has a very successful history in understanding clients’ needs and the collection of both standard and highly complex claims for a vast range of different ship-owners in all areas of the globe.

Matrix Marine will be based in Athens, but will operate from offices in Lime Street, London - a stone’s throw from the Lloyd‘s market.

Main contact details as follows:


Dan Plummer, Director

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Mobile: +44 7740 358 830


Stuart Lilley, Director

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Mobile: +44 7984 493 327


Matthew Ward, Head of Claims

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Mobile: +44 7973 360 734



Marine Hull & Machinery

MATRIX Marine Brokers provides Hull & Machinery Insurance expertise and solutions for all types of ships and vessels and their equipment, including but not limited to:

• Container ships

• Oil & gas tankers

• Bulk carriers

• Passenger vessels

• LPGs

• LNGs

• Fishing vessels

• Tugs and barges

• Towboats

• Offshore energy support vessels

• Yachts, mega-yachts and pleasure craft

MATRIX Marine Brokers provides a complete service to the global shipping industry from risk placement to an expert claims handling service and for all types of blue and brown water established shipping companies and shipyards. With extensive knowledge of international markets to manage the largest of marine risks we can provide tailor-made policies for each of our clients, whether single vessels or large fleets, including identification of relevant risk and subsequent coverage options for the hull, equipment, engines and machinery, including:

• Collision liability risks

• Voyage/Tow (including break up)

• Loss mitigation expenses

• General average contributions

• Increased value in case of total loss

• Freight - annual or per voyage

• War & Strikes

• Loss of hire

• Builder’s risk

• Contingency insurance

• Mortgagees Interest Insurance


P&I Cover

MATRIX Marine Brokers expertise includes P&I cover and FD&D, which is marked by the high level of service offered to its customers in respect of the provision of required trading documents, risk management, claims handling and general advice on international shipping matters. The main risks covered are liabilities, expenses, and costs for:

• Loss of life, injury and illness of crew, passengers and other persons

• Cargo loss, shortage or damage

• Collision

• Damage to docks, buoys and other fixed and floating objects

• Wreck removal

• Pollution

• Fines and penalties


War & Strike Risks

Cover for Hull War and P&I War risks, including cover for piracy, terrorism and Kidnap & Ransom (K&R). These covers are offered to complement our customer’s P&I entries and provide streamlined service in the event of a piracy, seizure or war event.

• K&R

• Loss of ransom in transit

• Fees and expenses of consultants

• Additional expenses, including, but not limited to:

- Fees and expenses of independent negotiator

- Fees and expenses of independent public relations consultant and/or interpreter

- Travel costs

- Crew wages

- Interest on loans raised to pay ransom

- Fees and expenses of security guards to protect crew after an insured event

- Cost of getting the ransom to the kidnappers.


Marine Builders Risks

A protection policy pertaining to when a ship is in the builders’ hands, against both pre- and post-launch disasters. The scope of this insurance coverage extends beyond simply basic damage to the hull, covering some business risk as well. Business Risk Hull Insurance can also be purchased when a boat is in for repairs or during transport of the vessel to and from the owner. MATRIX Marine Brokers ensures accessibility to capacity for shipbuilding projects of all types and sizes, offering coverage for:

• Ship Builders

• Ship Repairers Liability

• Shipbuilders’ Delay

• Shipbuilders Guarantee Risks



MATRIX Marine Brokers will work closely with professional clients in order to provide the best mixture of conventional and alternative reinsurance solutions, by always maintaining a practical approach resulting in finding the best placement at competitive rates and terms.

Yacht Liability Cover

Our dedicated Yacht specialist team has deep knowledge and experience of the yacht industry, while we are able to offer flexible, tailor made solutions for medium to the largest sized yachts on terms wider than generally available in the yacht market.

With a leading position in targeted markets, profitability and solid assets enabling expansion and new operations, by introducing and implementing innovative actuarial models and advanced risk and capital solutions, while offering top rank added value services and prevailing the market through exemplary corporate governance and transparent procedures, ΜΑTRIX INSURANCE & REINSURANCE BROKERS is broadly recognised as one of the top specialised, innovative and customer centered international reinsurance brokers